Our Process

At Corvus Technology Resources we have what it takes to understand your business and IT requirements. We have experience, stamina and industry knowledge and we have the process that puts that to work for you!

We have developed a specialized process that allows us to distinguish ourselves from our competition. When we partner with a client, we take the time to fully understand their business. We search the marketplace and identify the talent that is the best technical and cultural fit for their organization. An experienced professional will always handle your search requirements in an open, honest and confidential manner.


We have a vast database of candidates found through an intricate system of networking and referrals.  In other words we provide resources that are uniquely found so our clients are exposed to top-tier talent that goes beyond the common, routine job search.


  • Technical exams/tests
  • Comprehensive reference checks
  • Client referral and feedback
  • Criminal background check
  • Drug Screening

Our screening process can be customized to meet the clients specific requirements


Because we are a relationship-centric organization we are able to expose our clients to the highest level IT talent. We have a track record of success of sourcing, screening and delivering the top-tier professionals in the industry.